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Balance, coordination, and confidence all develop naturally when children experience group play and friendly competition on a STRIDER.  BMX Canada and STRIDER have partnered together to bring STRIDER races to local BMX tracks. The races are held on a portion of the BMX track and give children aged 18 month to 5 years the chance to ride over new and fun terrain with kids their age. A parent is allowed on the track with each child to assist a child to get through the race. At the start this involves helping them up and down hills but can quickly evolve to simply making sure they are going the right way. The races are fun and friendly and get kids out riding and meeting new little ones who like them love to ride their bike. You can see all skill levels from beginner to experienced enjoying a day at the track. STRIDER races are typically held before, after or during the BMX races so not only do they get to ride but they get to see the big kids race and get inspired.

BMX is a family oriented sport where the whole family can race together. Our oldest started racing on a BMX bike at 4 thanks to the STRIDER and our youngest started racing his STRIDER at 24 months. This last season I bought a bike and started racing as well as many of the Moms and Dads have decided to not only cheer but get on a bike and ride as well.

If you don't want to try racing but want a new place to ride some tracks are open to the public on none race times and kids can cruise the track on their own. They just ask that you don't ride the track when it is wet as it can wreck the track requiring many hours of volunteer time to repair the damage. I have spent many hours at the local track and local skate parks with the kids just cruising around and having fun.

Finding a Track

If your child wants to check out a race or start racing find a track near you and contact them to see if they have STRIDER races. The first race is always free so come check it out.  If they love it a STRIDER membership with BMX Canada is $35 and lasta for a full year from the date of purchase.  If you start in August your membership will last till the following August.It covers the rider under BMX Canada / USA BMX and allows them to ride on any of their 370+ tracks.  Ottawa BMX and Nepean BMX do not charge STRIDERs any additional fees to race as long as they have an active BMX Canada / USA BMX membership.

Ottawa has 2 local tracks to ride:

Ottawa BMX is located near Blair Rd and Ogilvie Rd behind Earl of Armstrong Arena and the Splash Wave Pool. If you park behind the arena and follow the path between the ball diamond and the skate park you'll find the track. For more info visit them on the web or on facebook.

Nepean BMX is located in Barrhaven on Strandherd Dr between McKenna Casey Drive and the train trakcs on the East side of the road. Parking is available near the baseball diamond and soccer fields. Turn onto Tartan Drive and make a left into the parking lot. You can walk down the grass path right to the track. For more info visit them on the web or on facebook.

What To Bring

To race your child must have a helemt, long pants, long sleeves and running shoes. Since you may be running the track wih them you'll want to wear appropriate footwear. Bring lots of water, snacks, cooler with cold drinks or freezies are popular, lawn chairs are nice to have to rest in between races and of course your childs balance bike. Ottawa BMX has some shade but Nepean BMX is really opn right now so umbrellas or shade tents are also great to have on really hot days.

STRIDER World Championships

The annual STRIDER World Championships brings STRIDER riders from all around the world together.  We went in 2012 to Sarasota Florida along with another family and had a blast.  Together we had 4 kids racing and 1 in each age category - 2, 3, 4 and 5 year olds.  The event was amazing and STRIDER has lots of things planned both on and off the track. They thought of everything from trolleys to and from the track, a great resort to stay at on the beach, racing, parks, skate park fun and even included a few nights of free child care with trusted and respected child care company.  The kids raced against kids from all over the world including, Japan, Korea and Great Britain to name a few. 

Check out STRIDER for more info on the World Championships.  If you were thinking of going and wanted more info please contact me as I'd be happy to help answer any questions you might have or get you in contact with someone else who can.  Click here for more info.<
The following an awesome video from last years event but you'll have to launch it in You Tube as I'm still working out getting permission to play it directly from the site.